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  • I have been a patient at Claremont Dental Surgery for a number of years and I can honestly say that it is the very best dental practice I have ever attened. Not only do I receive superb dental treatment from Dr.Kalsi and his team, but I am always treated with kindness, courtesy and consideration.Over the years, Dr.Kalsi has completed fantastic work on my teeth, including re-building broken teeth. Until coming under his care I was always anxious about going to the dentist, but now I have no fear of ‘the dental chair’ as I have complete faith in his skill.Thank you all so much for the care you gave me.

    Christina Montague

  • I was an extremely nervous patient but was in urgent need of a good dentist.My mother spoke to work colleagues and they recommended Dr Kalsi at the Claremont Dental Surgery.On my initial visit I was very nervous so my mum had to come along. Dr Kalsi examined my tooth and explained that I had an abscess. Antibiotics where prescribed and they provided some pain relief. On the following appointment Dr Kalsi commenced root canal treatment on my tooth. I was very nervous, but I did not want to suffer further toothache. He very carefully and gently gave injections. Once I was fully numb he gently began the root canal treatment. After completing the first appointment he explained any do’s and don’ts.I did experience mild discomfort as Dr Kalsi had warned but nothing like the toothache I had suffered. I had to undergo two further visits of root canal work because my tooth was severely infected.I had no problems and I am grateful to Dr Kalsi for changing my opinion of dentists.Thank you for being a caring and gentle dentist.

    Leigh Sherwell

  • I have been a patient of Claremont for many years probably over 20, going back to when I lived in Overton, and Mr Wren was the dentist. Both my husband and two foster-children were patients, so when my dentist in Southampton ( where I used to live) retired, I applied and was accepted by Mr. Wren. After a few years, Mr.Wren retired and we had several different dentists, and then the Practice became known as Claremont Dental Surgery. I have always found the staff, the dentist , chairside nurse and receptionist pleasant and helpful. Like most people, I feel apprehensive before a visit – even a check-up – and before a filling even worse! – and when an extraction became necessary, I can only describe it as a ‘panic-mode’!! However, through all these events, I have been treated well, and put at my ease, as much as a possible! The staff have been helpful on the few when occasions when it has been necessary to change an appointment.

    Like recently when I had to go into hospital and they kindly allotted me into ‘cancellation alot’, so I could have the filling before I went into hospital. They have also been helpful on the few occasions when an emergency appointment has been requested. Well done everyone at Claremont, much appreciated.

    Lora Bishop

  • Having not been to a dentist in a few years I was reluctant to return after a bad experience elsewhere… I was recommended by a friend to try Claremont. The receptionist was welcoming and friendly. The dentist put me at ease, atmosphere was calm + relaxed. I had to return for a filling appointment, which was made promptly – Treatment itself quick and painless.
    I will have no problem at all returning to the practice for future visits + would recommend them to others, all round pleasant experience and my fear of the dentist overcome.

    Sandra Emery

  • I have been a patient of Dr.Kalsi for the past eight years. I have always found access to appointments good and reception staff efficient, attentive and friendly. The dental work carried out by Dr.Kalsi has always been a of a high standard and his demeanour very professional. My husband and son also attend Claremont Dental Surgery and both are satisfied with the service provided.


  • I have been a patient at the Claremont Surgery for over 25 years now and have been a patient of three Dental Practitioners who have run the practice. All have been very good dentists and I have been very lucky. However, I must say that Dr Kalsi is by far the best so far especially saving me from poor dental hygiene resulting in excessive gum bleeding caused by a build-up of plaque at the junction of the teeth and gums. Dr Kalsi showed me how to clean my teeth properly and at what times in the day. Also, he advised me to use special fluoride tooth paste together with Corsodyl and patiently waited for me to get the hang of it and finally the results are amazing and at the age of 68 years I am confident that I will be able to keep my remaining teeth but only if I listen to Dr Kalsi and act on his advice.

    My only fear is that Dr Kalsi will retire in the near future which of course he deserves but I would really miss him and his dear wife who sometimes steps into the Assistants role and adds a touch of humour to a potentially difficult examination. I would wholeheartedly recommend anybody to Dr Kalsi’s practice where they would receive good professional treatment.

    Pete Handslip

  • I have been attending the Claremont Dental Surgery for the past 8 years and I am very happy with the service they provide. My daughter (Leanne Barrett), her family and my son (Luke Dipple) also attend. I have had quite a few procedures over the years and have always been really pleased with the results. The staff are always polite and friendly and Dr Kalsi is a very skilled dentist. I would gladly recommend the practice to anyone looking for a good dentist.

    Susan Dipple

  • My whole experience at this surgery has been very positive. Having experienced some very poor from my last dentist I was very cautious about finding a new dentist. Dr Kalsi has a calm and caring nature and provides a detailed explanation about the treatment prior to and during the appointment which is so important in making the patient feel at ease. This year I had an implant and was extremely nervous about the procedure. I really didn’t need to be as I was made to feel calm at each stage. I understood what to expect and he takes time and care at each stage of all procedures. I am very happy with the final outcome of my implant along with the other treatments I have had.

    With Kind Regards,
    April Haywood

  • I was missing several teeth for a while and when I broke another tooth my smile looked really embarrassing . Being in a senior position and having to face the media my smile gave me great concern. I started to do some research on what options were available and who could provide the best result. This is where I came across the Claremont Dental Surgery. I managed to arrange an appointment for a first consultation. I was very impressed by the professionalism and the polite nature of the whole team. The advise and quote I received for improving my smile clearly explained the treatment and cost. The quote was competitive with other quotes I had revieved. I decided to chose the Claremont Dental Surgery. My treatment took a period of 6 months to complete, with some really long sessions in the chair. I never suffered any pain, I always felt comfortable and never had a moment of doubt. The result is a very nice smile. Without any reservation I would recommend the Claremont Dental surgery.

    With Kind Regards,
    Simon Verschuren

  • Having had a previous bad experience with another Dental Practice, I’m sorry to say I hadn’t been to the dentist for several years, in fact, I was petrified.Over the years I had developed a tooth ache which due to my fear,I put off seeking help.On several occasions I was recommended by friends and family to visit Dr Kalsi at The Claremont Dental Surgery.Unfortunately I did not take their advice and continued to ignore my toothache until it became too severe to ignore.Once the pain became unbearable, I very nervously visited Dr Kalsi who immediately put me at ease. Everything was explained to me step by step and in a way that was clear for me to understand. Due to the severity of my toothache and the fact that it had been left too long by myself, my tooth regrettably had to be removed.I revisited 2 days later to have my tooth extracted by Dr Kalsi and I can honestly say, “I didn’t even feel the injection” Dr Kalsi was extremely gentle and very reassuring. The tooth was removed in no time and it soon healed perfectly.Unfortunately I learnt the hard way that you can find a dentist you can trust, in fact, I have since had a hygienist visit and been back several times undergoing tooth whitening etc. as I really do want to achieve a great smile and I have every confidence in Claremont Dental Surgery to help me achieve it.

    With Kind Regards,
    Clare Bates

  • I have been a patient of Claremont Dental Surgery for many years & although my dentist has changed over that time I can't speak highly enough of Dr Kalsi, my present dental surgeon, since he took over the practice. His team of dental nurses, Kully his practice manager and Sarah his practice receptionist have a respectful, helpful, friendly approach making me feel at ease but at the same time the organisation is carried out professionally at all times.

    Dr Kalsi has excellent dental skills which have to-date maintained the health of my teeth and gums together with averting the need for extractions on 2 occasions by extensive root canal work and rebuilding the face of a tooth for which I am so grateful! I have every confidence in Dr Kalsi knowing he will do his very best in the advice and care of my teeth.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mrs Jane Garnett

  • For the past 8 years I have been a patient at the Claremont Dental Surgery. In that time Dr Kalsi and the staff have shown immense care, patience and understanding. He always explains the treatment plan so that I am aware of what is necessary for the immediate and future needs concerning my dental welfare. I am definately more confident in my approach to dental visists and fully intend to continue my yearly visists with Dr Kalsi as my Dentist.

    Shereen Descombes

  • I have been coming to the Claremont Dental Surgery every 6 months for at least 10 years. The level of treatments is of a high standard and always explained to the patient. The staff are friendly and efficient, there's no being scared of the dentist when you are going there.

    Beryl Ayre

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    • review rating 5  I've attended Claremont Dental surgery for over 15 years and in all that time I've always had friendly and professional service. From the moment you walk through the door, you are greeted with a warm welcome from Sarah the receptionist, or Kully the office manager, both of whom are friendly, caring and immediately put you at your ease. Dr Kalsi continues the welcome and always takes time to clearly explain what he is about to do and treatment options. He is very knowledgeable about his profession and keeps abreast of the latest developments. For example I wanted to avoid using mercury fillings if possible and he told me how composite materials had advanced recently, providing a great alternative to mercury amalgams. What I most appreciate, however, are 2 things: when I've been in pain or I've broken a tooth etc, they've always been there for me - be it fitting me in quickly for an emergency appointment or providing antibiotics when I had painful abscesses. The other thing is Dr Kalsi's thoughtfulness. I've got a low pain threshold and was an initially wary customer due to multiple painful fillings without any pain relief as a child. Dr Kalsi works so sensitively and thoughtfully. I had bouts of tooth sensitivity (even with using sensodyne etc) and he changed the suction tube he uses for removing liquid in the mouth to one with a smaller bore so it was less cold on my teeth; he also put an antisensitive layer of enamel like material over the most sensitive painful areas on other occasions. Plus he moves around between different teeth when descaling so the discomfort doesn't build up on any one tooth. Also when I had deep fillings and needed a few injections he put a numbing gel on first to reduce the pain of the injections. So he's a excellent dentist, especially for someone who is as sensitive to pain and discomfort as me. He, Kully and Sarah are a great team.

      thumb Trish S
    • review rating 5  After not being to the dentist for five years the staff were happy to accept me as a patient with no judgment. Procedures were explained to me and were clear what was going on and the prices are affordable for the fantastic service given. I would strongly recommend.

      thumb Edward Durham
    • review rating 5  I've been coming to see Dr Kalsi for a number of years, and he is the best dentist I have ever come across. He is very professional, diligent with timing and very reliable. The whole team are excellent, very highly recommended.

      thumb Aman Sehra
    • review rating 5  Cannot recommend highly enough, everyone polite, friendly and professional and caring. All my dental work has been done painlessly, in a calm, relaxed atmosphere, where every care is taken to reassure and inform me at every step. Everyone is totally awesome.

      thumb Kay Sullivan
    • review rating 5  Always an amazing service here, would reccomend to anyone. It's nice to know you're in safe hands at the dentists!

      thumb Ricky Stevens
    • review rating 5  My whole family have been with Dr Kalsi since he took over the practice, and in fact my three year old grandson has just gone for his first check-up. He is a superb dentist, always explains exactly what he is going to do, and if there are options explains them carefully and clearly. All his staff are friendly and helpful. I totally recommend this practice.

      thumb chris dearden
    • review rating 5  I was extremely pleased with my experience at the Claremont Dental surgery. The staff are very welcoming. I was not kept waiting for my appointment. I was impressed with Dr Kalsi. He gave a thorough explanation of my treatment and was very gentle during the treatment. I recommend visiting the Claremont Dental surgery. I

      thumb James Taylor
    • review rating 5  Brilliant all round. Friendly staff, everything explained fully, very gentle (bonus point) - would highly recommend.

      thumb Berry Lambden
    • review rating 5  Claremont is an absolutely brilliant Dental Surgery. Dr Kalsi and the team are fantastic. I have recently had a Dental Implant and from start to finish the team were amazing, such a high standard of work and every part of the process was explained in detail. I'm so pleased with the final result, thank you Dr Kalsi. I highly recommend!

      thumb Jack Wilson
    • review rating 5  Would highly recommend Claremont Dental Surgery. On both times i have visited the staff have been extremely professional and polite. Dental practice is also very clean and tidy and very welcoming when you visit. Visited last week for an appointment with Dr Kalsi and felt very comfortable in his hands. Keep up the fantastic work!

      thumb Tarj Singh